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Townsend & Schmidt Masonry specializes in new and historical restoration public works projects consisting of brick, block, stone, and thin brick veneer construction in the Sacramento Valley area of California. We are signatory with the B.A.C. Local #3 (Bricklayers) and the Laborers Local #185 (Mason Tenders) unions. We employ up to fifty bricklayers and mason tenders each day depending on project scheduling and weather conditions.

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cmu construction

Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) are typically a structural part of the building and consist of hollow concrete masonry units reinforced with rebar and filled with grout. CMU can be manufactured in many textures and colors, the most common being precision face grey color, but as elaborate as split, ground, or shot-blast textures in shades of red or green. Our CMU projects range from simple trash enclosures and retaining walls to parking garages and multi-building correctional facilities.

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Building Construction using Concrete Masonry Units

thin brick construction

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Thin brick veneer is a ½” to 1” thick brick manufactured to look identical to a full-size brick veneer when construction is completed. This material is adhered directly to the building using thin set mortar typically over plaster, cement board, or CMU. Some advantages that thin brick veneer has over full-size brick veneer is lighter weight, and faster installation, which typically leads to less expensive construction. Thin brick veneer can be used in the same type of projects as full-size brick veneer.

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In addition to the traditional masonry listed above, we have also had projects that consist of; brick block, cleaning existing masonry, glass block, landscape pavers, mortar repointing, architectural precast concrete, rammed earth panels, seismic stabilization of existing masonry, and terra-cotta panels.

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